Thursday, December 20, 2018

Incorporation Fees

if you really want to help the Hunkpapa with the uranium contamination in the Grand River, please consider donating to our organization, hopefully we will be up and running formally in a month or so...IRS tax exemption costs about a $1,000 total...the Hunkpapa are moving now on it...sorry those that thought will be exposed as fraudulent, please cease and desist representing us without our know who you are...completely can they sleep like that, slinging is how we want any funds to target our budget...the $24,000 travel budget is to go to DC to establish our own Hunkpapa reservation as a response to our genocide...we are going to put ourselves on RECA (Radiation Exposure and Compensation Act)....the other areas have been taken care of, they can do their business without us...I am just going to Navajo with the Hunkpapa to see if there is any good volleyball players...that is all they will do for us...if they can do more, they really have to quit talking to the wrong people but, of course, I have went through several times already...they come at me like this, 'tell them we have been helping you all along and we can get you guys some funds..." BS F that...there is no selling out in I had shut down some lawyers that effectively silenced those southern Lakota hahahahahahahhaha

Employees ------------------------- $120,000
Travel ---------------------------------$24,000
Office rent & expenses ------------- $56,000
RECA/Hunkpapa First Project ---$100,000

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