Monday, January 25, 2016

This is not a uranium processing plant

I remember first learning about the cause of our genocide in 1994, we were working on the SRST IRMP at SRST Water & Natural Resources during the good old days. 
The US Forest Service (USFS) was holding a Custer National Forest Environmental Impact Statement public and tribal hearing conference on oil and gas leasing, inviting all regional tribes (about 200 natives showed up, camping out near the abandoned uranium mine); oddly, the USFS only wanted tribal comment on the petroglyphs, and didn't mention the abandoned uranium mines although I asked about them--I showed up on my own funds. All the tribal governments should have seen them, and perhaps the Grand River would be 15 years free from that source of radioactive contamination.
Unfortunately such was not the case, years passed, people downstream and downwind, getting cancer, dying from sickness, wondering why? Of course, the obvious keeps getting pointed out to them and yet they are blind. I say this is revenge for defeating Custer and the 7th Cavalry, they torment with Hunkpapa with this sickening ignorance and does give reason to why Sitting Bull was murdered for less than this, (he wanted our own Hunkpapa reservation on the Grand River so we would not be getting the leftovers from the government annuities, rotting meat and wormy grain and being just left out from all the millions in federal government grants the tribal government wastes on idiocy...

We walk slow like a turtle and let the spirit lead. And kindness has always been our preferred method of community involvement: despite the tragic implications of this hostile genocide committed against my family, the Hunkpapa, the most feared tribe in the Great Indian Wars, we forgive you, give us justice. And listen to us, don't go out there unless you have proper radiation hazard protective clothing or are at least aware of keeping up upwind of the extreme radon danger. (I am already seeing signs of the workers forgetting the danger, oh well, such is life, they'll learn the hard way.)
Below is a map showing the location of the Riley Pass abandoned uranium mine showing Bluff B (I felt that this is good enough), this place recorded 200,000 cps, corresponding to some very dangerous levels (

Figure 2. As the Crow Flies, the water flows

You can see how the radioactive runoff permeates the Grand River valley, you can see where it collects itself like gold collects itself in riffles in the sluice box...I have to hand it to the smug eggheads, their racism was so thick that they couldn't see what they did for us; we thank you. Especially you, Mr. Stone, I can imagine your shock after that first meeting, talk about putting the bioremedial foot in the mouth, wanting to spray uranium eating bacteria all over the place, not realizing we are all contaminated with uranium, that your germ might just eat us up, too. Of course, we must consider the chemical reaction the uraniferous lignite has with water especially rainwater, the interstitial disseminated amorphous organic uranium complex completely dissolves into liquid, only precipitating to natural background level after distance and entering the stilling basins. I really worry about both Shadehill and Bowman-Haley ,having radioactive sediments built up from the mining days.
Check this out, their radiation measurements indicate very hot radiation zones within the Riley Pass uranium mine-Bluff B "Final Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment for the Riley Pass Uranium Mines in Harding County, South Dakota" Portage, 2006 excerpt from Hell:
"Gamma rate ranges in Bluff B were determined to be 10,000 to 35,000 counts per minute (cpm) (15.8 to 38.6 µRem/h), averaging 15,000 cpm (21.1 µRem/h). Weathered ore piles ranged from 30,000 to 200,000 cpm (34.6 to 133.1 µRem/h) averaging 60,000 cpm (56.6 µRem/h). The lignite piles exhibited gamma rate ranges of 100,000 to 200,000 cpm (81.4 to 133.1 µRem/h), with an average of 150,000 cpm (08.5 µRem/h). The mine floor, with exposed sandstone, ranged from 20,000 to 50,000 cpm (25.9 to 49.7 µRem/h), and averaged 40,000 cpm (42.4 µRem/h). The majority of undisturbed areas with possible overburden interfaces ranged from 4,000 to 6,000 cpm (8.3 to 11.0 µRem/h), averaging 5,000 cpm (9.7 µRem/h)."

This is not a uranium processing plant, according to the US Forest Service, this is a uranium mine. A uranium mine is under a totally different set of regulations than is an ordinary mine, with specifications most in terms of in situ containment of mining surface runoff of contaminants. The US Forest Service went to great lengths to characterize the Riley Pass abandoned uranium mine as just that, a mine; this means that it has full jurisdiction and authority over the mine. Except this is NOT a uranium mine.

This is a uranium processing plant, subject to the authority of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority. Miners and workers were supposed to received Radiation Exposure Control and Compensation Act (RECA) funds for being poisoned; Senator Daschle was trying to get the surviving miners their RECA funds but the offending mining company didn't keep records. And continuing on, with this type of malicious ignorance. The US Forest Service, willfully and knowingly and most deceitfully, used its authority to conceal this fact maliciously and malevolently as then the entire list of Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP) would be held liable for health damages (this meant some of the local community could be held responsible, this is how the US Forest Service frightened compliance from this affected community as well). Unfortunately for the US Forest Service, in capital murder investigations, there is no statute of limitations. And of course, we are aware that all the principals in this are likely dead; we just want the justice of RECA for all affected by this toxic legacy of the nuclear era and health services for the cancer and the illnesses, controlled by us to protect our privacy (we will not subject ourselves to poverty porn and their pimps, or crybullies and their flying monkeys).

But what do I know, I am just a victim of radioactive genocide with a vested interest in seeing the fullest prosecution applied to all agencies attempting to avoid litigation through delays and outright misdirection, this was my experience with US Forest Service.
And they denied my friend, Mr. Calvin Hoisington, a former uranium miner, that told me enough about this deadly toxic uranium processing rotary kiln to know that the smoke was radon laced and this killed most of them. Mr. Hoisington told me they could tell when a miner was not coming back to work, his nose would be pouring snot and they'd cough and cough...he said after seeing that during his three months out there, he took his check and headed out to safer work.
People asked why couldn't we force the US Forest Service to hear about our increasing sickness and deaths downstream in the Grand River valley, now you know; we feel that the health crises and deaths deserve respect, and should not be mentioned as such in order to keep such privacy and respect this deserves. We will have justice.

This Rapid City Journal "For some, mining clean up at Cave Hills comes too late" says it all.

US Forest Service document links on the Riley Pass Uranium Mine Documents

Let's face it, gone are the days when we could rely on Smokey Bear to provide calm reassurance that he is keeping us safe from forest fires and such:
Case Summary: Settlement Agreement in Anadarko Fraud Case Results in Billions for Environmental Cleanups Across the Country

I said that we need to be put on RECA (Radiation Exposure And Compensation Act), the whole community has lost somebody and is sick as well. We do need some swimming pools and water slides out of that Anadarko Settlement as well as other recreational activities harmed by the poisoning...
As for the history from the obfuscating lead federal agency, spending over $20 million to try to prove that the downstream communities have not been because at that point the water wasn't flowing, the rains weren't sampled and no comments were taken from downstream communities who would say that the mine is killing us as do the local Harding county citizens will lament as well...the mine is killing us, the Forest Service needs its attic dusted out for idiocy, I am so glad that certain USFS staff retired, while one that retired is going to say some very bad things, litigable, about how the USFS tried to cover up the human health effects especially made it a point to ignore the downstream communities screaming at the USFS that we are dying...