Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photo Link for Crow Butte Resources ISL mines

Defenders of the Black Hills current aerial photo link to Crow Butte Resources In Situ Leach Uranium Mine.

Sure doesn't look like minimal impact to me but of course I am not a scientist with degrees in tomfoolery so this is just my opinion.

But again it does show just how expansive the ISR/ISL well field will be and it should doesn't look like minimal impact. I wonder what effect this has on the wildlife?


green light laser said...

A Uranium mine is hazardous and the radiation of the place can cause a lot of health hazards. After the uranium mining is finished, I think they are encaved in tons of concrete.

coal seam gas australia said...

I agree with the previous comment. Uranium mining may ruin the environment. It is also a hazardous element that may cause severe damage to the human being if equipment in the mining sites is not properly installed.