Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Visit our new website: WAKINYAN HOKSILA

We have uplinked another website Wakinyan Hoksila, which means Thunder Boy. This name was told to me by my grandmother, who said that it is the name of the last warrior society in our community. These Hunkpapa warriors vowed to never have children so they'd never have to know that suffering in reservation society. The most notable of these Hunkpapa warriors was Rain in the Face whose very name struck terror in the hearts of early trespassers. It is with honor that our new website uses the honorable namesake.

Please visit our website Use our forum to discuss news and other personal reflections on the nuclear nightmares.

Always remember that the new corporate nukewashing has discovered that they could use drowning polar bears as their evil marketing strategy to promote nuclear energy. While I agree there is climate change, I don't agree that nuclear energy has part in finding the solution. My firm belief is that the energy giants knew that they were harming our climate, poisoning our air. But they also knew that the days of large construction projects are over, there can only be so many bridges, so many mega-skyscrapers, so many railroads, superhighways; so they invented this delusion that we need nuclear energy.

What we really need is to reconsider our use of our existing energy sources, we need to make them less harmful to our air, our water, and our land. We need leaders that aren't two-faced shills to corporate interests. Nuclear energy is not clean energy, it is not renewable energy; it is too expensive: the costs of accidents, destruction to our environment, our air and our land and water are not worth the supposed benefits.

But above all, ask yourself...Do we have an energy shortage? Or do we have a shortage of leaders, willing to tell us the truth---THAT NUCLEAR ENERGY IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

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