Tuesday, April 8, 2008

2 Die in Pakistan Nuclear Plant Accident

Today two nuclear workers died at the Khushab nuclear plant north of Islamabad.

This plant purportedly is producing electricity but is also a nuclear weapons manufacturing plant.

As this is a developing story, and horrible tragedy, more news and possible mass civilian evacuations are possible. People living near the accident have already been evacuated with buses on standby should the accident escalate.

Nuclear energy in the wrong hands is dangerous, especially those gotten by elicit means through espionage as was Pakistan's case with A.Q. Khan.


Luke said...

The two deaths in Pakistan were the result of a gas leak at a heavy water production plant.

That is, probably hydrogen sulfide used in the Girdler sulfide process.

That's an industrial chemical accident.

Nothing to do with a nuclear reactor, or nuclear power, or radioactivity.

igmuska said...

I know that...the problem I am having with the accident is that the Khusab plants makes nuclear warheads and is not subject to any outside inspection.
And again we have to remember that Musharraf is only our puppet as was the Shah of Iran, their policies can change in a heart beat and usually they turn against us.
What we should be more concerned with is nuclear proliferation especially as it proliferates against us.