Thursday, January 17, 2008

Opponents challenge uranium mine expansion »

Opponents challenge uranium mine expansion »

Seeking to block the mine expansion are Tom Cook of Chadron and Debra White Plume of Pine Ridge, S.D., the Slim Buttes Agricultural Development Corp., Owe Aku, a nonprofit Oglala Lakota cultural group from Pine Ridge, and the Western Nebraska Resources Council.

Hopefully this serves notice to the Tribal councils that more and more Native Americans are becoming aware of the increasing drive by the foreign uranium mining companies such as CAMECO to continue their plundering of treaty land. Also since the tribal councils are the only body recognized by the federal government, the tribal councils should take the lead in furthering their own independent water quality studies of the ground and surface water.

To back up the data in any proposed tribal water study, all Indian Health Service health records must be acquired to provide a legal basis for the coming water conflict. Correlation of the reservation's health crises to water quality analysis will provide the legal basis for tribes, increasing their sovereignty as well as strengthening their individual roles in the Winters Doctrine.

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