Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Associated Press: Nuclear Revival Rekindles Waste Concerns


BEAUMONT-HAGUE, France (AP) — Thousands of canisters of highly radioactive waste from the world's most nuclear-energized nation lie, silent and deadly, beneath this jutting tip of Normandy. Above ground, cows graze and Atlantic waves crash into heather-covered hills.

The spent fuel, vitrified into blocks of black glass that will remain dangerous for thousands of years, is in "interim storage." Like nearly all the world's nuclear waste, it is still waiting for the long-term disposal solution that has eluded scientists and governments in the six decades since the atomic era began.


The Associated Press: Nuclear Revival Rekindles Waste Concerns

And the French nuclear giant AREVA says that nuclear energy is safe, but never says anything about what is going in its own country in terms of storing its nuclear waste...another case of "they screaming the loudest, are often heard, but not listen to."

Come on, America, we need the French Connection as much as we need a case of hemorrhoids...don't fall for their slightly misleading spiel as have the availability entrepreneurs (danged nook spooks) have in this country. It isn't about an energy shortage as much as it really is about actually constructing the nuclear plants, the support facilities, and the mining for iron, uranium and other exotic ores necessary for construction; often found in third world countries like Africa, South America, Navajo Reservation and in Lakota Treaty land (Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, and Nebraska)!



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