Wednesday, August 1, 2007

PPL creates nuclear post

PPL creates nuclear post --
PPL creates nuclear post

By Sam Kennedy | Of The Morning Call
August 1, 2007

A month after announcing tentative plans to build Pennsylvania's first new nuclear reactor in a quarter-century, PPL Corp. has assigned a high-ranking executive to develop a comprehensive nuclear strategy.

The assignment of Bryce Shriver, who has served as president of PPL's generation operation for three years, was announced by the Allentown company on Tuesday.

''We believe that nuclear power will play a role in the effort to address global climate change while ensuring that the U.S. economy has the power it needs for continued prosperity,'' PPL Chief Operating Officer William Spence said in a press release. ''PPL has a very good track record in the nuclear power business, so it is natural for us to develop a strategy that takes advantage of our knowledge and on-the-ground experience.''

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