Friday, July 27, 2007

Uranium mine clean-up underway

Rapid City Journal Jul 26, 2007
Uranium mine clean-up underway

Journal staff

A minerals-reclamation company and an engineering company have nearly completed surface gamma surveys of five bluffs in Harding County as remediation work at the Riley Pass Site at North Cave Hills Abandoned Uranium Mines area continues.

The gamma surveys will allow the reclamation company, Tronox, and engineering company, ENSR, to determine the extent of excavation, re-grading and how much contaminated spoils, soils and sediment will be buried at the site. The clean-up criteria are based on surface readings. ENSR also will assess vegetation planted last year, which will help with this year's replanting efforts on site.

The engineering firm soon will conclude design work for an additional sediment pond needed at the site. The pond's planned location was originally on U.S. Forest Service lands, but Tronox has proposed moving the pond farther downstream onto private land. The new site provides more room for construction and will allow more sediment to be captured. Forest Service officials approved the new location, pending the landowner's approval.

Forest Service officials have awarded a contract to Millennium Science & Engineering of Salt Lake City to help with technical support on site. The engineering firm will perform quality control and quality-assurance oversight to the Forest Service, according to regulations of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, commonly known as the Superfund.

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