Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Nuclear Renaissance, a step backwards into the Dark Ages

My point here in my blog is not denigrate the global warming theory, but to show you that it is being used to further concentrate political power in the hands of the certain nuclear energy companies. I firmly believe that this is illegal and contrary to the US Constitution. The names of the key players in this lawless game are: Exelon, Entergy, Dominion, Constellation, Uranez, Uranium Resources, Hydro Resources, Cameco, Strathmore, Westinghouse, Fluor and several other lesser known nuclear-related companies.

The Propaganda

As the nuclear renaissance in allegiance with the global warming buffs continues its onward march through the history as one of the most controversial and concentrated political movements, using outright media fabrication of an decade's old problem, formerly known as pollution, now as global warming to foster a society-wide delusion that we need more nuclear power plants, that we need more sources of uranium, that we need more nuclear waste repositories and that nuclear energy is inherently safe. Being associated with global warming must indicate to the unknowing earning their well-meant support.

Supporting the nuclear renaissance is the mass media, owned by only a few individuals and corporations, who are, in turn, responsible to others with just as nefarious ties to unlawful and illegal trusts, syndicates, front companies, and outright mafioso mobs.

This propaganda, at first, confused all the environmental groups and anti-nuclear groups but as certain contradictions within it are becoming more apparent, this propaganda is being attacked by all sides as a gross lie. Although the dividing lines in the sand have been drawn with several fence sitters being knocked off their fence into the wrong pasture, this propaganda serves only to illustrate the level and number of front groups that covertly sponsor nuclear energy as an alternative to coal and other power generation industries. On the other hand, this dividing line is providing intelligent decision making possibilities for investment to those groups that are truly for protecting and preserving the environment.

Advanced Burner Reactors (ABR) is most often used in the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) as its poster child of hope. Advanced Burner Reactors are still in the design stages expecting to come on line in nearly 20 years as stated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). This type of reactor recycles spent uranium, converting it to plutonium to be used again in the fuel cycle. Instead of decreasing the safety risks, these types of reactors actually increase the danger. But again nothing says that they can't spend research funds studying the ABR technologies. Also after reading the GNEP, I can't help but feel a sense of irony since it reminds me of a pipe dream and doesn't consider any potential accidents or disasters.

The Conspiracy

As our society's economy is based on the exploitation of our earth's natural resources, then adding value to this through taxation and tariffs, stocks, bonds and dividends, corporations and political parties. Given this, we were told that the name of this diffuse organization is the military industrial complex, named as such duing the Viet Nam War. Owned by forces unseen, our economy is being driven in directions that are environmentally dangerous; all in the name of profit. Yet what can one individual do to resist this control; you can't stop purchasing their products especially food, gas, medicine and others, that would be suicide. And as they know that we can't stop using electricity, so again the conspiracy emerges, are they promoting this nuclear renaissance to promote coal-fired power plants although these contribute significantly to the problem?

A very illustrative example of the conspiratorial nature of this issue is the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC) and its Megatons to Megawatts program. This program buys from Russia uranium that formerly in nuclear warheads. As of April 2007, more than 12,000 nuclear warhead material has been sold to the US. This uranium is then converted to fuel for the 103 reactors spread across this country. The implications herein cause me great consternation in terms of world peace and stability.

The Mining

The nuclear renaissance has also increased the demand for the uranium, causing a boom in the in situ leach uranium mining industry. But sadly it has not caused increase attention to the abandoned uranium mines located in and around Native American communities.

In the Midwest in states such as Wyoming, ISL uranium mining is growing rapidly with former uranium strip mines being reopened for extraction. Nunn County in Colorado is one of the few places that the ISL operation where the community is actively opposing the mining operation over concerns about the effects on drinking water. In Goliad, TX community residents are wondering why they fell for the lies that the ISL uranium mining could return water quality to pre-mining levels. In South Dakota, abandoned uranium mines and current attempts by an ISL uranium mining operation are very major concerns in terms of water quality and current health crises in the downstream reservation communities.

These concerns are not heeded, only the desire for profit stands tall.

The fact is that most mining companies that are now producing uranium are capitalized by banks and financial investment corporations which I presume are owned by foreign countries who have long realized that control of the interest rates is more important than owing physical assets such as manufacturing industries, mineral extraction industries and energy corporations. Controlling interest rates does major significance in the common day lives of our society. Financing the nuclear renaissance is debt or government subsidies. And without the source materials for enrichment, the nuclear renaissance is supposedly going to be held to a standstill but not necessarily, there are other mining locations in this world other than in the US.

The Hypothesis

Therefore herein I state my new hypothesis; the nuclear renaissance is meant mainly for the Asian countries as they are in the construction phases of many new reactors using US technology and companies. The uranium demand is needed for these Asian reactors, not US reactors.

I agree with global warming but I know for a fact that nuclear energy will not be the solution to it. Only conserving what we have now is the only way to preventing future climate disasters, educating ourselves about the nature of the nuclear renaissance helps in this regard.


Stepterix said...

Talking about nuclear power and global warming, I wonder how much of an effect the many nuclear weapon tests conducted during the Cold War have had on the environment.

igmuska said...

I believe the downwinders organization can better answer your question...what bothers me about that issue is that there are hardly any studies other than what the downwinders have published. There is an excellent map showing the fallout patterns as it crosses the country. Whether this has an effect on people should be further investigated but again we are using circular reasoning in this. Without any reliable data or samples we can only make assumptions, but I like to err on the side of caution and say that the 50's generation probably didn't realize that they were breathing radiologically contaminated air.

Militia Man said...